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What are your four ‘must-have’ pedals? That is what we ask our guests to share with you in our Four On the Floor podcast segment.

Geof Hancock builds some very cool and noisy pedals when he is not working on his vegetable farm in Maine. His stripped down versions of familiar sounds and his hand-painted housing makes them pretty unique. If you are not familiar with Farm Pedals do yourself a favor and check them out on his Reverb shop. Geof gave us a fantastic interview too! You can hear the episode for yourself right here. Check out Geof’s choices for his Four On The Floor.

1. Idiotbox Effects – Lazer Fuzz

“It’s great. Super glitchy with a wide range of frequency. I love how gnarly sounding it is. It’s just unreal. Now, there are “unusable” setting in it, but “unusable” is my gold standard (heh heh!) Mine has an internal Volume trim pot, but It was just re-released with an external volume. You should get one! I will probably end up buying that one as well. This is a “desert Island” pedal for me.”

Check out the Idiotbox Effects – Lazer Fuzz


2. Land Devices – HP-2 Harmonic Perulator Fuzz

“Super warm, gated fuzz sound. You should get one! This was modeled on the old Harmonic Percolator pedal, which is really hard to come by. It reminds me of early “Crazy Horse” fuzz sounds, with a really wide range of tone. Andy from Reverb did a demo recently on it so you can check that out. It’s so unique. You should get one!”

Check out the Land Devices – HP-2 Harmonic Perulator Fuzz


3. DOD – Phasor 201

“This is my favorite phaser of all time because it’s so musical. It’s not super deep, not a lot of feedback, super nice phasing. You should Get one! It really could be an always one type of pedal if you want a subtle movement without messing up your tone. I actually think its a really underappreciated pedal. They just re-released it to so you don’t just have to get a vintage one. Also, I like blue too, so.”

Check out the DOD – Phasor 201


4. Electro-Harmonix – Ravish Sitar – Sitar Emulator

“Oh my gosh, its unbelievable! You should Get one! It’s great; you get a really nice sitar/synth kind of sound with all the drone string sounds. It comes with lots of presets so that you can tune it to different keys. If you turn off the drone string settings, you can get ’80s style guitar synth type sounds. This is not an always-on pedal, but its really fun and you can get to some really weird places super fast. I love this pedal.”

Check out the Electro-Harmonix – Ravish Sitar – Sitar Emulator

Huge thanks to Geof for being a guest on our show and please check out Farm Pedals. We wish him continued success!