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What are your four ‘must-have’ pedals? That is what we ask our guests to share with you in our Four On the Floor podcast segment.

Zac Childs of Truetone knows pedal power supply. That is a fact. But he may actually know even more about pedals. He has been an avid collector of pedals since the 80’s and still uses some of his favorites here. Zac also hosts a great show on Youtube called Truetone Lounge where he interviews some serious players in the industry. If you are not familiar with Truetone or Truetone Lounge do yourself a favor and check them out. He gave us a fantastic interview too! You can hear his episode for yourself right here. Check out Zac’s choices for his Four On The Floor.

1. Boss – GE-7 Equalizer

“This is a 7 band EQ and is amazing at being an all around fixer. If you just boost the 800 Hz and a little bit of volume, it is the best solo boost ever. You can use it to fix all sorts of problems, so if you are playing in a different room, you set your amp and your guitar and then you can fine tune the EQ even more. There are many mods available for this as well for different frequencies and noise control. For very little money you have this amazing tool that you can help your tone out with. They started making this in the early 80’s, and it’s still in production to this day.” Check out the Boss – GE-7 Equalizer

2. Ibanez – MT10 Mostortion Distortion

“Part of the Ibanez “10” series, this is a MOSFET transistor based distortion pedal that Ibanez released in 1991 and had a short run. It has your standard level and drive controls and then it has a 3 band EQ, bass, mid, and treble. It is Tube Screamer-esque but definitely has its own sound. it has such a great feel when you play it. It’s great for overdrive up to distortion. This pedal has gotten to be somewhat collectible because of its popularity in the Nashville scene due to some key players using it but is still at a great price range when you can find them.” Check out the Ibanez – MT10 Mostortion Distortion

3. Boss – VB-2 Vibrato

“When these first came out in the 80’s they were only out for a year or two, and they were about $80, but the new reissued ones now go for quite a bit more, but it sounds AMAZING. It is great for adding “diamonds” to a track where the part needs just to stick out a bit. It has a fantastic gentle warble for those subtle effects. It has a really neat function called “unlatch” which allows the famous Boss footswitch to act as a momentary switch, allowing you to control the effect for specific hits. With that unlatch it has a rise knob so you can control how fast it reaches your effect setting from zero.” Check out the Boss – VB-2 Vibrato

4. Boss – DD-2 Digital Delay

“No bells and whistles on this one. It simply just has such a great repeat that sits well in the mix. For the price, it is so hard to beat its repeat and its sound. The DD2 is different from the DD3 in that it has a BIG delay chip in it that was also used in their rack mount delay the SDD-3000 from the early 80’s. This chip is about the width of the whole pedal. It just has such a natural sound. Very clear, with warmth. It is an amazing sounding delay pedal.” Check out the Boss – DD-2 Digital Delay

Huge thanks to Zac for being a guest on our show and please check out Trutone. We wish them continued success!