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What are your four ‘must-have’ pedals? That is what we ask our guests to share with you in our Four On the Floor podcast segment.

Derek builds some of the most singularly unique and stunning guitars you will see out there. He was a very early guest on our show before Four On The Floor was alive so as he returned to a new episode we gave him the opportunity to share his four must have pedals. If you are not familiar with Lincoln Guitars do yourself a favor and check them out. He gave us a fantastic interview too! You can hear the newest episode for yourself right here. You can hear the first episode right here. Check out Chris’s choices for his Four On The Floor.

1. BOSS – DD-20 Giga Delay

“I’ve had this one since they first came out. It’s been through some real gigging hell. I’ve bought and sold several other delays that all did amazing things, but I have just always stuck with this one. Part of my loyalty to this pedal is that it is the first really good pedal I got. It has tap tempo, warp, twist, and a killer delay of course. It is just such a great proletariat delay pedal. I’ve spilled a lot of gin on it too and its still ticking. I think I like this crisp style of digital delay maybe even more so than tape echo emulators.” Check out the BOSS – DD-20 Giga Delay

2. Old blood Noise – Fault Overdrive

“This is my favorite dirt pedal. I have a weird thing about dirt pedals; I’m never satisfied with my overdrive or distortion set up. I think that’s the same for most people like it is the effect that gets swapped out most with everyone. This pedal is not “transparent”. It’s a real mean bastard. I’ve never been good with subtle drives. I just want it to make a horrible noise immediately!” Check out the Old blood Noise – Fault Overdrive

3. Lastgasp Art Laboratories – 88 Super Oscillo Fuzz

“It’s got six mini-switches in an MXR size enclosure and a CV input. It’s an oscillating fuzz but depending how you have the switches set you can go from a super splatty gated fuzz to a horrible, horrible oscillating noise. It’s a pedal that you step on and you bum everybody out, which is exactly what I have always wanted out of fuzz pedals. I love it.” Check out the Lastgasp Art Laboratories – 88 Super Oscillo Fuzz

4. Zvex – Mastotron Fuzz

“This is a pedal I’ve bought and sold so many times, and I just end up rebuying it. It just does a thing. It’s got so much low end in it and it cuts through better than a muff. It’s the splat. It is much more controllable than the Super Oscillo Fuzz. It has an input impedance so you can push or chill out the incoming signal which is useful for pickups with different output which ultimately changes the character of the fuzz. You can pretty much change the waveform form broken sounding too full distortion. I had the wooly mammoth for a long time but I like the Mastotron better.” Check out the Zvex – Mastotron Fuzz

Huge thanks to Derek for being a guest on our show and please check out Lincoln Guitars. We wish him continued success!